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Update current email type and move existing to sequential email type

Is it possible to put a new email address in E-Mail 1 and move current E-Mail 1 to E-Mail 2 etc? The built in option will put the new E-Mail to type E-Mail 2.


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Hi Kerry,

Currently the phone and email settings do not allow for changing the type of an existing email address. Now that more people are upgrading to versions of RE that have better phone/email handling, we're always looking for ways we can improve IOM accordingly. If you have the time, please add your vote and comments on how your team is importing email addresses, on this Uservoice suggestion:

As we gather more information from organizations on this issue, we'll be better equipped to find a crowd-pleasing solution!

Thank you,

Amanda Tetanich, bCRE
Associate Product Manager | Omatic Software

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