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Have Relationship and Reciprocal Relationships be Different?

I am importing parent/child relationships. The child is in group #1. The "Spouse Grouping" settings allow me to automatically add the same relationship and reciprocal relationship type of "spouse"  to my relationship records when they are imported. This works great for spouses, but not for other types of relationships when the reciprocal type is different. I currently have to do queries and global adds in RE in order to properly handle mothers, fathers, sons, daughters etc. Is there a current way that I'm missing (or perhaps in a future update) to have an option in the relationship grouping settings to have the relationship and reciprocal types be different?

Hi Jocey,

If you know what the reciprocal should be, given the incoming relationship type, you can setup a virtual field + dictionary to handle the reciprocation. Add a virtual field for each relationship, mapped to Reciprocal Type. Set the field's function to copy the Relationship Type field of that same relationship. Then apply a dictionary that reverses the values. For example, if my Relationship is "Child," my dictionary replaces "Child" with "Parent." If they are the same on both sides, like "Sibling" and "Sibling" you don't need to add it to the dictionary. The copy function will take care of adding the same value to both sides of the relationship. Unfortunately, you won't be able to set "Child" to translate to "Mother" or "Father" specifically based on the primary constituent, but hopefully this method gets you closer to an automated resolution!


Amanda Tetanich, bCRE
Associate Product Manager | Omatic Software
Thank you Amanda! It appears that simply manually adding a reciprocal column with "father" to my primary constituent and a relationship column with "son" to my other person on my spreadsheet works as well since I already know that every relationship is a "son" and every reciprocal is a "father" for this particular import. I'll try your suggestions next time I end up with mixed genders :-) That should work nicely!
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