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Convio Connector Address Info Source

I am doing my first import using Import-O-Matic of information from the Convio Connector. The export the connector provides includes the address block and the address source.

What I am not liking is that if the address already exists in RE or is so similar (according to my sliding scale choice) that it is not considering it a new address, IOM is still changing the address info source to be Convio when, in fact, the address existed in RE prior to this import. I would prefer that it only add info source on new addresses it is prompted to add but unfortunately that does not happen.

What do others of you using the RE Connector or a Convio Custom Data Sync (or a similar import scenario) do? Do you just allow the existing address to change to Convio? Do you remove the contents of the address info source column and not have any info sources come through (even for new addresses)? 

(cross posted in both the RE and IOM forums - sorry if this causes duplicates.)

Hi Melissa:

How can I use the RE connector in Convio? Is it the same thing as import in convio? I can go to Convio->Data Management ->Import/Outport->Standard Constituent Import to upload the constituent information in Convio from Raiser's Edge. What will happen if constituent in Raiser's Edge doesn't have any email addresses. May I upload to Convio or not?

When I upload constituent into Convio, It doesn't compare duplicate (I mean it doesn't ask you to compare.
What's different between a custom connector and a custom data sync?

Thank you.

The connector is a two way process run at a single point in time with one click. It updates linked records (convio-RE) in convio automatically bringing in new addresses, lifetime giving, last gift date, etc. It also sends down files for import into RE to make address updates, new gifts, etc.

Currently (since the merger) they are working on making it so there will not be any "importing" but rather everything will likely go directly into RE into a batch-like environment in RE and you will confirm before updates are final.

It currently is clunky but is likely to improve.
sorry did not answer all of your questions.

If the person in RE does not have an email address they do not go into Convio. If they match on other things with a record in convio that has an email address then you will be checking for these kinds of matches and confirming them to be a match - then the next run the email will go into RE.

The upload into convio is not done using email address - it is done using RE IDs stored in Convio so your current process would not be able to upload an email change on a record, correct? Using the connector it would.

The connector is a pre-made data sync. It works slightly different in how it matches records (in that no Convio ID needs to be stored in RE with the connector - with Data Syncs you do, I believe). They are all data-syncs but you can either design one fully from scratch "custom data sync", use the connector as it is "standard RE Connector" or take the existing connector and modify it "custom RE Connector". As far as I know - that is the difference.
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