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Globally changing fields in Batch

 Occasionally, when you are creating a Batch, you may realize that you need to add or change some information in one of your fields in the Batch.  For example, you just imported a group of gifts and you realize that you would like to change the GL Post Date to the last day of the previous month.   You could change the date in the data file and import the gifts again, or you could save yourself time by globally changing the field in the Batch.


To globally change a field in Batch, you start by clicking your cursor into the appropriate column in the Batch.  For this example, we will use the GL Post Date Field.



Then you go to Tools, Global Change GL Post Date.  The following screen will appear:


Enter the new date information.  You can choose to overwrite the existing values in the field as well.   Once you have made your adjustments, click the Change Now button.  This will update the data in the field to the new value.




Note:  Text fields cannot be globally changed in Batch.


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I wish package was available for global change. Campaign, fund and appeal are! It seems like once you globally changed appeal in batch, it would allow to global change package, but no such luck! It is probably because those are text fields? AB
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