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Invalid number

I am importing total credits and some have a .5 at the end of the number. I got this error: Source row 9 produced Excel error row 3: Invalid Number:  Description [Object: 'CAttribute', PK: '-4', Import ID: '', Desc: '126.5', Field: 'Description', Value: '126.5'] -->BBREAPI.CEducation2Class.Save()-->#=qbUkdE1ys3Iugx7OmaG0ABt4AWKRyNFCnBuF_JJuqkMg=.#=qAuD4enb_YNHOs49dT1bxn5pCh_XJer8HJwVQrsKUrA0=()


Any ideas on how to import a decimal, i.e. 126.5? Is it an Excel problem?

Hi Therese,

An attribute that is configured as a number in RE has to be a whole number, it cannot have decimals. The work around would be to change the attribute to text instead of numeric in your RE attribute configuration settings.


Thanks John. We decided to store as text and not truncate.
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