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Error Message: "Access to the path is denied." when importing Receipt Number

Hello there,

I am attempting to import values into the Receipt Number field on gift records, and am getting the error message Access to the path is denied. 

I have reduced my import to one column, with the field name System Record ID (as my ID value) set to ignore. I have a virtual column named Receipt Number set with the record type Gift Field and the value type Receipt number. The following function is set to this virtual field:

Public Function ComputedColumn_636071121531284996( _
ByVal oField as ImportOM.API.iField, _
ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel) As String
'This function must return a text value
Dim iReturn As Integer = Import.Fields.GetByName("System Record ID").Value
Return iReturn

End Function


I ended up using this function, rather than the regular copy field function, because I wanted to make certain that the incoming value to the receipt number field was not a string. (Using the copy field function returns the same error as this function I have written.)

Any thoughts as to what is causing this issue would be greatly appreciated.


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