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Mapping event attributes

I am creating a profile to map our Team Raiser event registrations into RE.  We have 3 events that I am pulling from into 1 report that will import into the corresponding RE event record.  The only way to pull this info out of Team Raiser is to pull the same question 3 times for each event.  For example - t-shirt size has 3 different fields that I pull out of my Team Raiser report with the event location in the description. However, this is mapping to one attribute in RE called "t-shirt size" for each event.  Any ideas how to map this so that the profile only maps the t-shirt size to the event record i'm referring to.  I already have a dictionary created to tell IOM which event record to use, but since I have the t-shirt size data in my profile 3 times I'm thinking that it will error out or overwrite the answers.  Some registrants will have info in all 3 locations if they registered to all 3 events.

I'm having a hard time picturing the data here and where it is supposed to map.

Can you give an example of the data coming in?

Also, can you specify what kind of attributes you are talking about? Are they constituent, participant, or event attributes?

It could be that the answer is that you will need to have three different profiles, one for each event, that would map the appropriate columns for each. Then you would run the same file through each profile to make the corresponding records.
They are all event attributes. To clarify- we have 3 different events in Team Raiser that each ask for a t-shirt size upon registration. We used FAF last year and I was able to pull one report for all events that had one column for t-shirt size and the corresponding answer depending on the event. However, now with Team Raiser, my only option is to pull 3 different columns labeled:

t-shirt size event 1
t-shirt size event 2
t-shirt size event 3

My solution right now is to pull 3 separate reports and run them through the one main profile that maps the event attributes. I was hoping to somehow map the t-shirt size into it's own event in one profile but I can't find a way to do that. Does that make sense?
You said they are event attributes but that would mean that each event could only have one. Do you mean instead that they are participant attributes? That way each participant would have their own attribute.

Unfortunately, I don't think IOM will let you add someone as a participant in multiple events in one profile. So you should consider each row of the file just one event participant record which would therefore only use one of the t-shirt sizes.

So your current approach is probably the best.
Thanks- that's what I figured and sorry, yes I mean participant attributes.
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