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Add Fund to batch from two sources

Wondering if it is possible to populate the fund from two sources.  I am mapping the appeal as a master ID which populates with the default fund in batch - BUT for another type of appeal we have the donors dictate the fund to us  - it could be anything.

Can I say that if fund is not filled in by the Master ID appeal, look to column (whatever it is) for this fund instead?



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Unfortunately you cannot do this, the only thing that might be close is to use a default set. With a default set you can set the Fund and then if the Fund field is ever blank it will use the default value. The big catch here is that you can only choose ONE fund as the default which i don't think fits your needs.

If you are able to edit the data before it comes in you could copy over the appeal id to the blank fund fields and then use a dictionary to convert those appeal ids to their respective funds.
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