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RegEx to remove all non numeric characters without the use of -BLANK-

I have a multi line RegEx dictionary i'm working on and I want to remove all non numeric characters from a string.  In a perfect world I would just use Replacement Value = --BLANK-- Value to match on: \D  But I'm using --BLANK-- as a value to match on in another part of the dictionary.  Any ideas how to strip all the data out of a currency formatted like $99,999.99?  (I'm fine with the decimal being removed as well, I can handle that in another way if need be). 

you are going to slap your forehead in 3... 2...

^$ = blank in regex (i.e. start then immediately end of string)
Just to be clear, you should be replacing your value to match on of --BLANK-- with ^$ so that you can use --BLANK-- as your replacement value for non-numbers.
Thanks Wayne! This is a great work around to essentially use -BLANK- twice in a dictionary.
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