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Duplicate search on attributes

I am creating a profile to bring in relationships and need to match on existing constituents.  I have created an attribute with a unique ID in order to match however it looks like duplicate criteria can only match based off basic profile info in bio 1 tab?  Is there a way to match records on duplicate attributes?

We do a similar thing, and I haven't seen one for Constituent Attributes - I think I am going to convert it from an Attribute to an Alias, which ImportOmatic does seem to support.

David is exactly correct. When storing IDs from other systems in RE, Omatic's best practices recommendation is to store them as a Constituent Alias. IOM can match directly to a Constituent Alias value.


- Jeff 

We're using this now, and it seems to be working pretty well - the only downside is that Raiser's Edge doesn't have any facility to delete aliases en mass, so if you've loaded incorrect aliases against lots of constituents, your only option is to bulk change the alias type to something like a blank or "To Be Deleted" and work through them individually
Sorry to resurrect this thread, however can this be done via the API?
Well... kinda?

You cannot access or modify the matching algorithm in IOM, even through the API, so you need to build an API call to match directly to the record before the IOM matching happens.

Here is how I would do it.

In AfterDictionaries you should pick up the value you want from the import profile (which would be the value you are looking for in the attribute). Then, probably using SQL because it would be much faster, you would search the DB for the record that has that value for the particular attribute you want. Then, once you have the ID of the correct record, copy that into a field in your profile that you have mapped to be the constituent ID (probably a virtual field). That way, when IOM gets to searching for the constituent, they will find the constituent ID and match directly to that record.

So... Kinda?
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