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Import Recurring gifts


I have a lot of RGs to import, is there a mapping guide?  I have no clue what a valid value would be for Schedule monthly ordinal??

Thanks in advance!

Hi Kim, I believe the Monthly ordinal is the week of the payment.
The values would be First, Second, Third, Fourth, or Last.
Hello Kim,

It sounds like you are needing to import a recurring gift schedule with a Schedule Monthly Type of "Schedule Monthly Ordinal". The IOM User Guide details Importing Payment Schedules and other relevant information for importing recurring gifts.

Recurring gift information begins on page 238 of the IOM User Guide through page 241:

Please let us know if you have questions.


Thanks! When I import and process I am getting an error that the CC number is invalid. It is happening for all the gifts that I imported. When I update the number on the record it still says it.
Also, the link does not take me anywhere. Can you add it to knowledgebase? I used the pledge info to work it out.
Hi Kim,

My apologies for the link not working. You can access the User Guide by navigating on our website to Forums > ImportOmatic Updates > ImportOmatic version 2.7.1 > Bottom of Post User Guide link "".

For the error "CC number invalid" when you are processing, there may either be spaces in the number (4444 4444 4444 4444, should be 4444444444444444).

Alternatively, you may need to adjust your RE configuration settings as follows:
1. Mark the option to "Save record anyway" in Configuration > Business Rules > General under the section "When saving a record with invalid credit card information."
2. In the import file, format the field containing the credit card number as text.
-Highlight the cell, cells, or column to be changed.
-Select Format, Cells (or Columns) from the menu bar.
-On the Number tab, select the appropriate format such as Text, Number, Currency, or Date.
-Click OK.
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