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Can't not reciprocate a relationship

Hello, I have existing INDs, and an existing ORG. I want to create a relationship in the IND records to the ORG, but I do not want it to reciprocate - I do not want the relationships to show up in the ORG record, only in the IND records. There is a checkbox on the Relationship page of the Profile 'Automatically reciprocate relationships' but that is not checked, as I don't want that to happen. How do I make it not happen?  Thanks!  Nanette
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Hi Nanette,

The 'Automatically reciprocate relationships' will create relationships from the individual to the org and from the org to the individual.  To prevent this, make sure that this checkbox is not selected.

Also be sure to import the individual as the constituent and import the organization as an organization relationship.  This will ensure that the relationship is from the individual to the organization.  


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