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Requests No Email - How to Check the Checkbox with IOM

Hello, all. We had a snafu awhile back where we thought we had IOM set up right to check/uncheck the Requests No Email field hen importing gifts from Luminate Online. Big whoops -- it was doing the OPPOSITE of what we wanted.


Can someone explain the best way to properly do this? Dictionary? Virtual field? 

Since people can change their email preferences on LO at any time, we want this to be able to check an unchecked box as well as uncheck a checked box, if that makes sense. 


Thank you!

Hi Katie, do you have a column in the data file that indicates whether the Requests No Email check box should be checked or not? An email preference column maybe?

Yes -- it comes out of Luminate as ACCEPT EMAIL in a column with either FALSE or TRUE populated.

That is perfect then! Do you have that column/row mapped to the Request No Email field in your profile?
In Luminate, I believe that ACCEPT EMAIL = FALSE means the person does not want to receive email.
In Raiser's Edge, Requests NO Email = Yes means that the person does not want to receive email. I think you would need a dictionary to Translate FALSE to Yes and TRUE to No. Then map that to the Constituent Field "Requests no email".
Here is a Knowledgebase solution from our website to give you more details and links to other resources,
Will this work for unchecking a box as well? Say someone comes in as FALSE and then becomes TRUE at a later date?
I've experimented this morning and it is still doing the opposite of what I want it to do. It's marking those who WANT email as Requests No Email (checking the box) and marking those that DON'T want email as accepts email (not checking the box).
Hi Katie,

Did you create a dictionary as Marie described above?

Replacement value: Yes
Values to match on: FALSE

Replacement value: No
Values to match on: TRUE

If the box is checked and then they are imported with TRUE, it will be unchecked.

Please let me know if this still isn't working as desired.

Thank you,
Omatic Software
Seems to be working now!
Glad you got it working Katie! Just wanted to mention that we are working on a Luminate Online Connector for ImportOmatic that would allow you to pull data directly from Luminate into RE. So you wouldn't have to worry about getting the data out of Luminate or shuffling files around! We've found the Luminate API to be very robust, so we have access to LOTS of data in Luminate (much more than you are able to get out of a report in Luminate). If you are interested in discussing, just let me know. I'd be happy to show you what we have so far and get your feedback!

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