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Adding a gift attribute

I am trying to do a very simple import but it is giving me errors.

I want to assign an gift attribute to a gift so I have the following columns:

Cons ID

Gift ID

Attribute Desc.

I have verified that the IDs are all correct in my test file but I keep getting the following error:

Line 1: Required Field Missing:  Campaign [Object: 'CGift', PK: '-1', Import ID: '00001-545-0000667928', Desc: '6/10/2014 Cash $0.00 - Dave G. Potts', Field: 'Campaign', Value: ''] -->BBREAPI.CGiftClass.Save()-->ImportOM.CImport (etc.)

Which seems to me like IOM is trying to make a new gift instead of linking to the existing gift using the ID.  I have also tried using the import ID of the gift with the same error.  Am I missing something here?

Hi Amanda,

It would be ideal to have the ability to import attributes to existing gifts. For example -  Recurring Gifts. I use gift attributes to log dates of telemarketing calls and welcome calls. It's convenient as its housed in one area (gifts) and builds a history, especially when looking at how many times a monthly donor increases their gifts over the years. Also, it's a small piece of information that does not require an action, or amendment or adjustment. Please reach out if you would like to discuss further.



Hello all!

I wanted to provide an update on this request. Unfortunately, due to technical constraints we will not be adding the ability to import attributes to existing gifts in ImportOmatic. Gift amendments and adjustments are different record types and are handled differently than making changes to the gift itself.



Omatic Software Support

Hi Jeffrey,

This feature is not available yet. Thank you for adding your vote to the idea in UserVoice. I will review this item with our Product Manager.



Omatic Software Support

It is possible to add an adjustment note, but I believe the functionality that you are looking for is to add a new notepad note on the miscellaneous tab of the gift record. This functionality is currently not available in ImportOmatic.
John, is it possible to a note to an existing gift?
Hi Teresa,

This functionality has not been added to ImportOmatic. As of right now the only fields that you can adjust or add to gift records are:

Gift ID
Gift Import ID
Gift Subtype
Post Date
Post Status
Use adj. GL post date

Please feel free to put this suggestion on our user voice though. We love hearing new ideas and suggestions!  

Omatic Support
Hi there. Reactivating an old post, rather than create a new one.

I, also, am trying to add a gift attribute to an existing gift, and getting errors.

Is this task functional yet, and I'm doing something wrong?

Or, does this functionality still not exist? Is there a timeline for development (it would be ever so awesome if it were, as gift attributes are super-helpful!!!) ?

Hi Wayne,

At this time ImportOmatic does not add attributes to existing gifts. You can likely accomplish this with the API, though.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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