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Primary Education Records Hierarchy

We have just installed Omatic and are learning the ropes.


We are looking at customization to build the proper hierarchy within our education records. More specifically, ensure that the correct record is marked as "Primary". 

For example: the constituent already has an associate's degree marked primary.

Later...the alum receives a bachelor's degree, which is now the primary degree, and should be marked as such.

Is anyone using a custom part, and if so, has it been successful?

Is anyone NOT using a custom part? If so - how is the processing done?


Please and thank you!

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Hi Cheryl, if the data you are importing in does include their updated Education information and you would like to just add this in as the new primary school you can map that school information including the Is Primary field. When you import the new school relationship marked as primary that will become the new Primary Education relationship. If it isn't that simple and there are other fields that need to be included in the condition of adding the Education relationship then a customization will need to be created. For example if we only want to add the new school as primary if there is a high school already existing in the record then we have to go the route of a customization. Hope this helps!
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