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Importing Employment from Data Append

We are looking at doing a data append for employment.  Right now, I cannot update/archive employment so I would either have to import all new employment and then clean up the previous employment through a global change or globally mark the current employment as former and then import all the new employment data.

I'm looking for a best practice for this project.  Has anyone else found a process that works using IOM?  We save our previous employment data so overriding the current employment would not be an option.

Out of curiosity, could I accomplish the import using an API?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks

Hi Shalena,

With the API you could search through the org relationships of the matching constituent and update the record marked as "Employee" to remove the check, change the relationship types, and update the To date.

Then, in the import file, you can use virtual fields to set those settings for the new relationship.
Great!  Thank you for your response.
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