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Raiser's Edge - Constituent Attribute Multiple Line Update

Hello everyone,


I am trying to add 5 new lines of data into a record's Constituent Attribute tab, however, when I tried to use Importomatic to add these lines it shows that only one line was added (the very last line, I'm assuming it added the previous lines as well but continually overwrote the pre-existing line)


Is there anyway I can add multiple lines in just one push to a record?


Thank you,


Hii Greg,

You will need to edit your profile and select Constituents from the left hand navigation pane. Then change the setting for non-unique attributes to 'Add new attribute' and save.

IOM User Guide - Constituents:


Hi Greg,

I believe you are correct that it is overriding the the pre-existing line. To avoid this you can go into your profile and select constituents on the left hand side, then under the section where it says "Constituent and Relationship Attribute Updates" change the option for non-unique attributes to "Add new attribute"


Thank you everyone. It took a while (due to formatting issues) but I was able to get new attribute lines into RE.
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