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Duplicate Searching

Is there a way to bypass repeat Duplicate Searches when I am importing honour/memorial tributes? I might have 10 Bob Smith in my import  and once I Match to Selected Record on the first one and the remaining 9 are exactly the same constituent, I have to keep matching every single one. Plus, I am also creating a relationship to another constituent - so there are actually 20 matches.





Hi Joan,

If there is one single record that perfectly matches your tribute record, you can turn on auto-pick and IOM will choose that record for you:


if you're importing name and address, then you can select to auto-pick based on First & Last or Org Name, Address Block.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you
Omatic Software

Thanks Amanda - I'll give that a try.

Hi again Amanda, Just checked one of our profiles and it's already set up for Auto Pick:



Is there something else that we should be doing?





Hi Joan,

May I see a screen shot of the duplicate match screen during import? Try importing your file again - select to import in "Validation mode". When you are finished taking the screen shot you can hit the Esc key to cancel the import.

Thank you!
Omatic Software
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