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Address Similarity Score Calculator?

While there is a Knowledgebase article on the Address Similarity Score that foes into detail about how it is calculated, is there any place in ImportOmatic or outside of IOM that will use this algorithm and tell you what the address similarity score is between Constituents?

I am trying to figure out what the score is between two sample addresses to give me a guide as to what level I want to set it at before I import 36,000 constituents, some of which may already exist in our database.

Hi David,

In IOM under Addresses on the right hand side about half way down there is a blue link that you can click on that says "Similarity Simulator". For more information you can refer to our user guide


David, please note that the Address Similarity Simulator is for addresses only and is used for comparing an incoming address with addresses on a matched constituent. A different similarity score is used when comparing an incoming constituent with a group of possible matching constituents. Unfortunately there is not a simulator for that score yet. However, you could import a file and have IOM set to not update any values or add any new constits to get a pretty good feel for it. There is a similarity score simulator in MergeOmatic which is very similar to the scoring algorithm in IOM.
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