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List Management Lists - Keeping Cons and NON-Cons One List

Has anyone had any issues with processing a list of constituents and NON-constituents and keeping them in ONE list?  I don't recall having this issue before when using List Management – it would run my list – match up which ones were constituents and add their constituent ID but also keep the ones that weren't constituents in the same list – then when I wanted to export the list I had them all in the one list that I was processing.  Now for some reason it will only keep in the matches (meaning it will also match with non-constituent spouses, or other LM list non-constituents) and keep all of the matches in the list but not the ones that do not match any existing in RE7 or LM. 

Any help would be great – I need to be able to process the lists without updating/adding any information into RE7 – just have it tell me if they exist in RE7 – and keep the list intact. 


Susan Redding

Hi Sue,

Are you receiving an error for the records where there isn't a match?

Thank you,
Omatic Support
We figured it out - I needed a column for constituent code when it's NOT a match to anything - then it will put the non-constituent into the same list.

Thanks for the help though!

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