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Leading zeros in zip code

Hi there,

I did a search for any existing topics (there must be!!) but I couldn't find one that fits my description. In my CSV file for import, the leading zeros in any zip code is removed. I thought reformatting it in excel to start with " '0 " would do the trick, but it does not. Please help!



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Hi Joanne,

I think you'll find that MS Excel is the culprit; it hates numbers with leading zeros. Check out this Omatic blog post that highlights several different ways Dictionaries can be used in ImportOmatic for data transformations. One of the discussions it links to has a post showing how to create a dictionary for exactly this scenario, a 4 digit ZIP code missing a leading zero. Another discussion shows what to do if you have ZIP+4, no dash, and Excel ate the leading zero. If your ZIP codes could have either scenario you could actually combine these tactics into the same dictionary to handle a variety of ZIP code formatting issues.


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