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Omatic Updates

Omatic Updates

We are using Import Omatic V. There are newer releases V.2.5; V. Patch; V.2.6 and AppOmatic.

How can we do upgrades? Do I need to go through each of them one by one and in what sequence?



Hi Sandra, no need to go through all those, just download the latest one and you'll be all set! The only trick is to make sure you install it on ~every~ workstation that already has ImportOmatic. You can also deploy ImportOmatic via AppOmatic, the nice thing with that being instant updates that automatically propagate through your organization.

By the way, a new minor update of IOM is due out in the next few days, so you may want to put off the update for a bit.


Please Jeff, don't leave me in suspense -- how do we use AppOmatic to deploy ImportOmatic updates?



Barbara, you are in luck! There is a webinar all about AppOmatic in about an hour, you can register here:

If you haven't seen it yet, it's worth a look. I hope you'll be amazed at all the functionality available in AppOmatic at no cost. Let me know your thoughts!


Darn, I'm in a meeting from 2-5 today, I didn't see it listed again anytime soon in the Events tab :(
Can you give me a hint as to what app to look under? I can always click around and try and figure it out....unless some nice soul at Omatic wants to help a poor, helpless girl!!! :)
Can you see the batting eyes?!!!!

Hi Barbara,

We have an AppOmatic Knowledgebase to help you get started. The first link in the KB is a recorded demo for AppOmatic. I'm requesting access to the IOM app for you so that once you have AppOmatic downloaded you can then install IOM.

Please let me know if you have any other questions!

Omatic Support

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