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Ruffalo Cody? ImportOmatic or Datalink?

We're in the process of implementing Raiser's Edge and will be using ImportOMatic.  We are going to be using RuffaloCody's CampusCall for our Phoneathon.  Ruffalo recommends using their Datalink product to connect to Raiser's Edge.  Omatic says that ImportOMatic will work.

Is anyone else using RuffaloCody? Which do you use? ImportOMatic or Datalink?  Any advice?

I'm leaning toward using ImportOMatic so we don't have to have multiple integration tools.


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We are no longer with Ruffalo Cody, but DirectLine does that same service for us now, and although we import all payments using IOM, I have to admint that I have not managed to use IOM for the initial pledge setup. I'm positive that IOM can do it, but I would make sure that Ruffalo can provide the data in a way that IOM easily supports. Maybe ask them for a sample data file and use the lovely IOM office hours and ask someone Omatic to review the file? I found pledge installment setup imports to be complicated. Every installment frequency has a different set of required followup datafields that need dictionaries to process (Single Installment is easy peasy, but Monthly asks which day of the month, start date, how many months, and how many months apart; quarterly needs which day, start date, and how many quarters). They have office hours TODAY. Ask them! :)
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