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EFT gifts

When I try using the Gift Subtype of EFT I'm required to include the donor's bank info. I don't have this info & don't need it for my purposes. I only need to use this subtype because those gifts go into a different bank account of our's than credit card gifts do. Is there something in the import profile that I can turn off so that this isn't required?

Hi Greg,

The Gift Subtype is a table in RE that is populated with user-defined values, and it assists with reporting and posting to GL, but it does not impact any required fields on a gift. If you enter a gift manually in RE, you will see it is actually the Payment Method of Direct Debit that makes Bank information required.

Unfortunately, since this is a Raiser's Edge requirement,there is not a way to get around providing bank information if you wish to use the Payment Method of Direct Debit.

If you used a different Payment Method, such as Other, then there are no additional required fields. If you also need to check the "EFT?" box on the gift, then you would need to use a Payment Method of Credit Card as it is the only other Payment Method that activates this checkbox.

Alternatively, you could add a dummy bank to the Banks table in RE, and use that bank for these gifts. Please Note: Doing this will create a"Bank/Financial Institutions" relationship record on all constituents who have gifts with the dummy bank information provided.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Thanks, Tiffany. EFT gifts are only about 5% of our online gifts. So I think we'll continue to process these manually into RE & use IOM for the credit card gifts.

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