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Raiser's Edge Security needed for IOM access

Can anyone tell me (or is there documentation somewhere) that outlines the specific Raiser's Edge Security rights required for a user to process an import through IOM?  We'd like to allow our data entry department to begin processing our daily Gift & Memberships import.  We have a very high daily volume of transactions from CounterPoint POS & need to be able to spread the daily process responsibilities.  However, we do not want to grant full Admin rights to these folks.  Can anyone help me?

Hi Dovie, thank you for these details and sorry for my slow reply. Can you share what rights the user who is receiving the exceptions has regarding memberships? (see below) Do they have any other restrictions? Thanks!


Although all of the Membership transactions we are importing are not 'Join's, that is the first of 3 profiles through which we run the file. However, the SAME file imports without the 'security' errors if a user with Supervisor rights processes it. (of course we get expected exceptions based on whether we're using our 'Join', 'Renew Same' or 'Renew up/down' profile.)
Here's the first few lines:
IOM Version: RE Version: 792.5508.6
Profile: 1 CP Memberships Join
REImport Error File
Import File: S:\IOM\Membership_by_Day05.07.13.csv
Master ID Source: Raiser's Edge

Line 1: The specified membership could not be found. The membership has either been deleted or you do not have rights to view it. [Object: 'CMembership', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '?'] -->Microsoft.VisualBasic.ErrObject.Raise(Int32 Number, Object Source, Object Description, Object HelpFile, Object HelpContext)-->#=qQidHsDbU$CVrE_W1UxNaFKjLMZJ54Jdg_8DXmEm$YcM=.#=qSvECgtqg6i2evEWmETdbJSJHqBrPOfRhjHIdjE$9SwQ=(CMembership& #=qCsT3DOVGkG0utw981Hfg2w==, CRecord #=qzSbx$_i$ElkdaUbBBMv5_g==, CFieldDefaultServer #=qv1gbnqLUHIwECaW4ssHY5g==, Int32 #=q_q6Y4v8Cg5EozziKTwGvyQ==)-->#=qQidHsDbU$CVrE_W1UxNaFKjLMZJ54Jdg_8DXmEm$YcM=.#=qSGRPhjMuA

Hi Dovie, can you please tell us exactly what is happening that is preventing your data entry users from importing? Are they receiving error messages when they import? Is the plugin not showing in their plugins list? Does their computer burst into flames when they click on the plugin link? Giving us the specifics will help us resolve the issue.

Thank you,


HOWEVER, that is not true. I really need to know what rights are absolutely required!
In theory, anyone in our Data Entry department, then should be able to use IOM, because they all have rights to add & edit both Constituents AND Gifts.

Hi Dovie,

RE does not currently have any security options that will lock users out of Plug-ins, or restrict their access to a particular Plug-in if it is installed on their workstation. Therefore, if IOM is installed on a workstation it will be available to all RE users on that workstation.

You can restrict RE users from being able to access IOM Configuration by selecting the option in IOM--->Configuration--->General Settings--->"Only allow users with Supervisor rights to access Configuration". When you select this option, any RE users that do NOT have Supervisor rights will only be able to access the Import Processing and List Management links from the main IOM splash screen. They will not even see the Configuration link.

A word of caution about enabling this option: If users cannot access IOM Configuration they will be unable to Add, Copy, or Delete profiles. They will also be unable to Edit (view) existing profiles which means that if something needs to be changed (Examples: A field added or removed, a mapping changed, a setting altered, a Dictionary applied) they will be unable to do this, and will have to ask a RE user with Supervisor rights to do it for them. As they will be unable to view the profile to tell Omatic Support how it is set up, a user with Supervisor rights will also be needed to assist in any troubleshooting. The same restrictions will be true for Dictionaries, as they are also accessed from IOM Configuration.

In regards to the rights needed to import data, Melissa is correct that the users need rights that enable them to process the same gifts manually through the front end of RE. If you are importing your gifts to a gift batch, the user will need appropriate rights to RE:Batch. They also need rights that allow them to access the Constituent records the gifts are being applied to during the import. A common type of restriction, security by Constituency, can impact user access to Constituent records during import.

If a user attempts to import to a Constituent record they are restricted from accessing in RE, or attempts to import a piece of data they are not able to manually enter in RE, the row will be an exception. The error for that row will indicate a RE rights issue.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



My basic understanding is that they need rights to plug ins and then all of the gift entry rights as if they were processing gifts directly. I believe IOM honors those security rights. They do not need to be an admin unless they are designing/editing the profiles they will use in IOM but if someone does that for them they can import without Admin rights.
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