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Importing Guests

I am trying to import "guests" of a participant.  We use the event record to record our Peer to Peer events, the fundraiser is the participant and gets soft credited for all of the donors that support them.  The donors are created as constituents and added as a guest of the participant.  I have reviewed the solution for importing guests, my question is: What is the participant information that I need in the import file to link the guest to the participant and the soft credit to work?  (I understand that the setup has the option to select that the gifts linked to guests the participant should be soft credited, which is great!!)  Do I need the CID of the participant, or the Participant import ID or ??

Thanks in advance!


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Hi Kim,

To link the gift from the guest to the participant, you'll need the participant's import ID.

This ID will be mapped to two areas:

1. Record Type = Participant and Value Type = Guest of (Participant Import ID)
2. Record Type = Gift Field and Value Type = Other Donation Participant Import ID

For the second mapping, you'll use a Virtual Field. The Function will be Copy Field and the Seed will be the letter for the column that contains the participant import ID.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support
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