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Tribute Constituent Search

Still working on tribute imports over here...

When I use RE to search for a tribute in batch there is a checkbox to search only for constituents who are already marked honor/memorial.  In IOM when searching for a tribute constituent there is no indication in the results as to whether each person already is an honor/memorial or not.

This is especially important for a common name, or in the case that there is no acknowledgee information.

For example, if I get the tribute "In memory of John Smith" I would like to link that to an existing tribute for John Smith, but I wouldn't make a new tribute for him because I wouldn't know which record to link it to (assuming there are several John Smiths in the system).  By knowing that one of them already has a tribute I can narrow down the results which I don't have other identifying information like an address.

Generally speaking I don't want to create a new record for someone or even a new tribute unless I have a mailing address for an acknowledgee, but I would link a person with no mailing address to an existing tribute since I can assume that they are the same.

Ideas on that?  A symbol for Honor/Memorial in the dupe search would be a nice addition.  Or even better would be an option to only match to existing Honor/Memorial constituents if there is no address.



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Hi Wayne,

Unfortunately, there is not a way for you to add in the condition of Honor/Memorial as part of the search in IOM at this time.

I would add a suggestion to User Voice ( to have an icon designating that someone is an Hon/Mem added to the Duplicate Search Matching Results screen.



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