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Constituents with multiple constituent codes

Can I import constituents with multiple constituent codes? Can I do it by just one time importing?

I hope that adding multiple constituent codes is planned for a future release. Since we use IOM to import data from other databases, we need to bring in multiple constituent codes in one file - for example, runner vs walker vs donor, or doctor vs patient vs caregiver. We already use a default set to mark all records as being part of another database (Sphere), but the records themselves are varied. RE Import can handle mutliple constituencies in one record (even if it does lack in most other areas).
Hi Art,

Thanks for using the forums. Importing of multiple constituent codes is something that other users have requested. I was just about to suggest that you link to the existing suggestion found at , but I noticed that you did that already. We will notify you all if this functionality is released in a future version of Import-O-Matic. Thanks again and have a wonderful weekend.


Hi, Callie - it's been a year since your reply, "Multiple Constituent Codes" is the #3 suggestion on the idea bank (with 43 votes today), and yet there hasn't been any progress. Perhaps it's time to mark completed, and get started on this one?
It's very much on our radar Art, I promise! I would not be surprised to see it in the next major release.

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