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Is there anyone that use Engaging Networks to manage their online database?

We are about to switch to Engaging Networks and we would like to continue to use IOM to sync our data.  Are there any EN clients out there who could share their experience with us? We'd greatly appreciate it. Thank you!


Quincin Chan

Thanks for your response Kevin.  We just had similar experience in terms of import and export and we definitely hope the company will focus on improving data integration, especially with RE.

If you could connect us with your consultant it would be great. Although being in Canada, it might be better for us to find someone locally who is familiar with our CRA requirements.





We have been using Engaging Networks since January for our donation pages. It has been a real struggle getting the right reports out and controlling the fields in a useful way for Import. This was made much harder by a lack of clear guidance from the Engaging networks people over here who were keen to say everything was possible without wanting to spend any time explaining. Their query tool leaves a lot to be desired too. There was much talk of them working with Blackbaud on a plug in but I think Blackbaud's purchase of Convio has put paid to that.

Eventually I had to call in a consultant to work on a project which pulls the default supporter record through the API and then converts the different pages into the format required. We are nearing the end of this - He is waiting for me to provide the IOM mapping for the formats.

It has not been easy. Once we are finished and it is up and running (by end of month) I can share the results of the project and put you in touch with the consultant.

Thanks, K

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