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Alias Duplicate Searching

Hi all,

I searched the forums, but couldn't find an answer to this particular topic. Sorry if I missed it.

When someone gets married in our Raiser's Edge database, we put the former name as an alias on the Alias button. For example, the person went from Ms. Jane Doe to Mrs. Jane Smith. When we search Raisers Edge and have the checkbox checked to check aliases, it will bring up the older name.

Does anyone know if Importomatic has an option to check for duplicates in the aliases field? In the -Configuration, in the -Duplicate Criteria section, when I click -Add there is no Alias field option.There is an auto-match function for checking aliases. But I am afraid it will auto-match to the wrong person.

Like we have multiple Robert Smiths in RE. We could have put the nickname Bob Smith in the Alias field. If we only had one Bob Smith alias in RE and it was the wrong Bob Smith, it would automatch to it. I would much rather it ask when you import, like in the Duplicate search popup, before matching and saying this is the same person.

It would be nice if it could also check the numbers in the Alias field also, when it searches for duplicates.

Does anyone know if Importomatic has alias duplicate searching, and how to do this? We currently have an older version of IOM. Version, though I think the current version is


Hi Joshua,

Is there any reason you wouldn't use the "Maiden Name" field for maiden names and the Nickname field for nicknames? IOM does search those fields for possible matches.

Hi. We usually do put the Maiden name in the Maiden name field. But when people have been married several times, this does not really help. Plus we also add incorrect spellings and alternate spellings of the name, to the Alias tab in case someone is searching for the wrong spelling of the name.
Thanks for the insight on this. I'd be reticent to have IOM searching all aliases for every last name, maiden name, nickname, and all possible combinations of full name. I could, however, foresee a global setting in IOM that says "Use these alias types for alternate last/maiden names" and another that says "Use these alias types for alternate first/nicknames". Do your alias types break down along those lines (like types of "Alternate last name" and "Nick name") or are they more generic, like "General alias"?

Glad to see you adding items to the UserVoice site, we really do pay attention to that! Also, in case you were about to upgrade, you may want to wait a week... we're about to launch IOM 2.7.

We usually use "Former Name" and "AKA" for alias types for different variations of a person's name (and also for their name before they were married).

Also I have a related question. If I say to "Auto Pick" "Alias", do I have to have some type of field in the field map or virtual field that says something like "Alias-match or add"?

Thanks for your help!

Hi Joshua,

For your related question: You have it exactly right! There is a Record Type of "Constituent Alias - Match or Add" that is what tells IOM you want it to use Alias as a matching tool. The Value Type is the type of the Alias in that column. There is also "Constituent Alias - Add" that can be used when you just want to populate an Alias and not match on it.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



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