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Change gender if Title is.....

Hello all,

Is there a way to create a dictionary that uses the Constituent Title to update the Constituent Gender?

My thought would be to use the gender table as the values to match on and the title table as the replacement values.  So if title is Mrs. gender is Female.

Thanks for any insight.


I would go about it like this.

Create a dictionary Title to Gender

Replacement Value  Value to Match Regex
 Male Mr. No
 Female Ms. No
 Female Mrs. No
Unknown ^(?!(Male|Female)$).*  Yes

This dictionary will convert Mr., Ms., Mrs. to a gender or be Unknown if the title is not recognized

Then you will need a new virtual column to hold the Gender value.  You want to make the function applied be Copy Field and the Seed to be the column where the title is.  You also want to apply the new dictionary to the field.
ex. if Title is in column A then make a virtual field

Field Name  Record Type Value Type # Function Seed   PC
 Gender Constituent Field Gender   Copy Field A Title to Gender  

Since Functions happen before Dictionaries are applied this will first copy over the title and then apply the dictionary to the field.


Hi Wayne,

Has anyone called you genius today? :)

Thank you.  I hope to try this out tomorrow with my first pass of my Boston Marathon import.

I only play one on the IOM forums, I have no idea what I am doing in real life.
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