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Education Relationship

I am attempting to import new and updated education records which I have done a number of times but for some reason it is not accepting the School Name as School ID - has something changed?  It's always been confusing in that there is no field in RE called School ID but it should correspond to the  ESRSchoolName field which is a User Defined Table (School Name).  My import of new records has the correct corresponding name.  I have attempted to import with the always add new checked for the education relationship as well as the match by School Name but both return the following error:


 Line 1: School ID is required. -->ImportOM.CImport.#=q6IEz_OyWM0dK3HCa6FC3r5E_gNJdP6aSWFuJI0trV8k=(CEducation2& #=qHvd55MHt_oXJ0vizwq1wLQ==, Int32 #=q47tzniCPgt0czxqgWmFotQ==, Int32 #=qn35K5qrMiF3pQivuwt3Weg==)-->ImportOM.CImport.Process()


Anyone else running into this issue?

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