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Postcode and Country code parsing errors.


When importing international addresses I'm receiving postcode length/syntax errors.  As these syntax requirements are defined by the country code, what is the correct method to ensure they are able to be imported based on country?

Does the country have to be defined and imported before the address lines, etc within the import CSV?

Hi Andrew,

Raiser's Edge generally assumes the country of addresses being entered to be the same country as the flag/stamp for your RE database, unless you tell it otherwise as part of your data entry. You will notice this if you create a new record in RE - the Country that defaults for the address on the Bio 1 tab should be the country that coincides with your database stamp (in my case, United States). RE then requires the incoming address to conform to a few specifications based on the Country it assumes, and max zip/post code length is one of those items. ImportOmatic must to adhere to these constraints.

If you are importing addresses for a country other than the one RE is expecting based on your database stamp, then you will need to provide the Country information in your data file, and map it in your IOM profile. The specific order of the address fields does not matter to IOM, and that is one of the beauties of the program! You can add Constituent Address Field ---> Country to the very end of your import file and it will work fine, regardless of the location of the rest of the address data.

Add the Country to your import file, and that should resolve the issue.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance.



Hi Tiffany,

Interesting and that is how I thought it worked. I do include the country and had exceptions for countries based on the Post Code being an international format. I'll now have to go back and check the country formatting I've defined for the offending counties, I assumed they were correct, but I guess they aren't.


Hi Andrew,

If you can't track down the problem, please let me know and I will be happy to assist you further. It may be something a fresh set of eyes will catch!



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