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Surname error - exception file

I have a file with data I'm trying to create a new profile for.  The data contains old and new supporters with recurring gift taken out online.  When trying to import I get:

Line 2: Required Field Missing:  Surname [Object: 'CRecord', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Desc: '', Field: 'Surname', Value: ''] -->BBREAPI.CRecordClass.Save()-->#=qQidHsDbU$CVrE_W1UxNaFKjLMZJ54Jdg_8DXmEm$YcM=.#=qSGRPhjMuAbaPzHgZTUUcZA==()


I do not understand what this means, the surname field is mapped correctly.  The supporter is already on the system but even if I try and add it as a new supporter I get the same message.


Can anyone help?



Hi Andrea,

There are two likely reasons you are seeing this error on an existing constituent with the Surname field mapped correctly. I am presuming, based on the error, that your RE database has Surname set to be a required field.

1. RE thinks this record is a new Constituent and is trying to create a new Constituent record for it, and there is no value in the Surname field for this row. Please double check what you are using as a constituent identifier (Constituent ID, Constituent ImportID, SSN/ID2/NIN/SIN, Name information, etc.) to verify it matches an existing Constituent in RE. If it does not match up, this is likely the reason you are seeing this error and you will need to correct the incoming data.

* Please remember that Line 2 in the Error.txt is actually Line 3 in your original data file, as the Error.txt does not take into account the header row.

If everything above appears in order, then:

2. Most errors in the Error.txt are actually generated by RE, and IOM simply reports them. Sometimes the errors RE generates aren't entirely accurate. We do our best to overcome these as we discover them, but unfortunately they sometimes persist.

When the field listed in the error is one that has been marked as required by the Organization (versus one that is required by default in RE and cannot be made not required), and it also seems entirely incorrect that the field listed is producing the error, we have found that removing the RE requirement for the field often allows an accurate error to be generated upon re-import. The checkbox to make the Surname field required is located in RE:Config--->Fields--->Constituent. You may need Supervisor rights to access this part of RE and change this setting.

You only need to remove the requirement long enough to re-run your import, at which time you will likely get a different error. You may wish to only import the one row returning the error so that the requirement is disabled for as short a time period as possible, particularly if you have very heavy data entry occurring at the time you run the test.

If you try step #2 and get a different error and require assistance with it, please let us know either here on the forum or by contacting Support ( or 888-662-8426, Option 2 or from the UK: 441277660071) and we will be happy to assist you further.

If neither of the above suggestions points you towards a resolution please open a case in Support, via one of the contact methods above, so that we can most effectively assist you. We also will post the final resolution to this thread once it is resolved.



Do you have any relationship fields mapped?


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