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Lockbox company recommendations?

We frequently get requests for recommendations of "good" lockbox companies, particularly ones that understand the needs of non-profits. If you have a recommendation, would you post it to this thread? Also, in this latest instance, we've had a request for one in the Bay Area; so if you happen to know of one in the Bay Area, extra credit will be awarded.  :)

Thanks in advance, and hope everyone has a great weekend!


Agilis is the best I have ever worked with. I actually did a tour of 3 lockbox processing companies - Minnesota, Kansas and Dallas. This facility is fantastic, the customer service is wonderful, the data transfer was seamless once it was set up and they also did both acknowledgments for direct mail and fulfillment of products. GREAT!!!
We use Arizona Lockbox Facility

They have worked with us for a lot of custom needs.  I have toured their facility and it is very efficient and secure.  They do a lot of non-profit work.

They helped us set up a PO Box in MD that they then use to transfer mail to their processing facility in AZ.

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