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Import Shared Address with Business

Hi all,

I'm attempting to import new organization relationships (non-constituent) on to existing constituents.  I have the org name, position, and business address.  I'd like for the business address on the org relationship to be shared with the constituent.  Is there any way to accomplish this via IOM?  I'm struggling and feel like there should be a simple way to do this!

Thanks much,


And, I should add, that it appears that if no business address existed on the constituent record before, it DID share the address. However, if a business address exists, it's not updating the existing address.
Hi Kerri,

I have a quick question about the existing business address that is not being updated.

Does this address belong to an existing organization relationship? Or is it independent of any org relationships (ie, an alternate address)?

Thank you in advance!
Omatic Support
Hi Amanda,

It looks like in my test samples that the addresses are independent of any existing org relationships.



Hi Kerri,

The address linking you desire, between an existing address for a Constituent and a new Relationship, is not part of ImportOmatic's default functionality.

Even to accomplish it in the front end Raiser's Edge interface is a very manual process. This is how you would link the addresses in RE, in the scenario you have proposed:

1. Begin creating the Organization Relationship while on the Individual record, or open an existing Organizational Relationship.

2. Click the "More" button located beside the"Country" field for the Relationship address. This will bring up the full editing box for the Relationship address.

3. Click "Address" on the menu bar and choose "Copy/Share Address from Constituent". This brings up the standard RE search box.

4. Search for, and select, the Individual's record that you started from in Step 1.

5. You will then be presented with a selection box containing all the addresses available for that Constituent.  Select the address(es) you wish to Copy or Share. To Share the address, be sure the check box "Share this address" is checked before saying "ok" on this screen. If it is not checked, the address will only be Copied.

6. Save and close the Address editing screen.

7. Save and close the Organization Relationship screen.

The address(es) will now be shared with the new Organization Relationship.

I have spoken to the Development Team, and due to the very conditional nature of the above process it is unlikely this particular type of address linking will be incorporated into IOM as default functionality in the future. That said, this is something that could be accomplished as an IOM customization via the API. Our records indicate your RE database is hosted by Blackbaud. If this is the case, Omatic Software would have to write the IOM API customization for you as Blackbaud does not permit us to grant access to the IOM API in their Hosting environment (They don't allow access to their own VBA/API module in Hosting, either). I will be happy to put you in contact with a member of our Sales Team should you wish to pursue a customization for this functionality.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you,
Omatic Support

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