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New features in version 1.7

I am always excited to try out the newest additions to Import-O-Matic, but not always sure just how to apply them to my processes.

In the duplicate checking grid, I see new field, including Org Name. I am wondering if I will now be able to import this information in some way to Individual records, or is this only for Organization records? For example, I have a new donor who gives the address of The XYZ Company, 123 Main St., etc. Right now, I am importing the company name as an attribute, then going back to this record and fixing up my address info. Is there a better way to handle this in one pass through the import?

I am also wondering how to use the phone number functionality. When I am importing a file with two different phone numbers, say HOME (default) and WORK, I am modifying my file before importing with a PHONE TYPE field of "WORK," and I use PHONE TYPE and then the field with the actual Work phone number in my import template. Is there now a way to skip the PHONE TYPE field?


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 Hi Marge, We're always glad to get your feedback with each new release! If you're talking about the "Org Name" column in the bottom grid on the Matching Results screen, yes, that is used when a possible match is an Organization record. If you wish to import a business address as an organization relationship you can do that as well, but you would need to use separate columns for business address and the non-business address (if any). When you say you "go back and fix the addresses up", what exactly do you do with them?

With phone types, it used to be that you could select a default phone type but that if you had more than one phone column you would need another column for each additional phone to designate the type. Fortunately, you can now specify the phone type for each phone column without needing another column to specify the phone type (though you can still do that as well if you like, allowing you to dynamically specify the phone type per row). Now you can specify that a column in the profile is a specific phone (or email) type, like this:


Thanks Marge, we look forward to hearing from you more!


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