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Convio and IOM

We are implementing Convio and would like to speak to anyone who has used this program along with IOM and Raiser's Edge.  We would like to know if there is any glitches in the process and if so, what are they and how were they corrected.  We will be in the testing phase of this soon and I want to make sure it go smoothly.  We are currently running Net-Solutions for all our online gifts.

Thank you,  Heather Kantor
Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee

Hi Heather -

We have several clients that use Import-O-Matic to pull in their Convio data into the Raiser's Edge, and from what I hear love it! I'm sure would be happy to share their feedback!

If you'd like to me sync you up with some, send me an email:

We are now getting ready to test Convio and I need to speak to someone about the fields they use from Convio in order to have IOM import the correct transactions into a batch.  If there is anyone out there that can either e-mail or call me or respond via this site it would be great.  We cannot go live until we have all of the pieces in place.

Heather Kantor, Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee




Can you give us a sample of your Convio data and your goals for IOM? We'll see what we can do to help you out.

Thank you for taking so much time to go over things with me yesterday! I appreciate you walking me through some of the non-IOM related components of what we are trying to accomplish here at the food bank with Convio and IOM. Your patience and understanding was like a breath of fresh air. I'm sure I will have a few more questions but your help means so much to us!!
We have nearly gotten the transactions side down using IOM. I would love to speak to anyone out there who has imported the other two files pulled down from Convio which add constituents. Thanks
Hit some big snags with Convio and discussing getting rid of the connector. I would appreciate speaking to anyone who uses Convio without the connector. Thank you.

 Hi Heather,

Do you have a sample file you can post with any specific questions? We'd be happy to help you with it and hopefully we'll hear from other users as well. I know we have a least a few IOM clients that are doing this.


I'm not sure how to upload the excel file into this reply.  The file has 134 columns.  Many of which we don't need.  I am trying to create a profile in IOM for this now...not sure how it will work though.

Hi Heather,

We are considering moving to Convio as our online platform. Would it be possible to talk to you regarding your experience? My email is


Hi Duncan,

I would be happy to speak to you about Convio and our recent experience with this software. We were very much in a quandry and not feeling very comfortable with the product until we found we were able to bypass the Convio Connector and download our information with the help of Import-O-Matic. I don't know what we would have done without IOM. I will be in touch with you and can give you more information. Thank you, Heather
Hi Pam: May I get some omatic clients who have experience to import data from Convio into RE. I also want to see how their transaction reports look like? I try to post my sample here, but I couldn't find the place where I can attach my sample. my email
IOM is only half of the sync. You are only going one way if you only use IOM.

A true data sync goes both ways and updates both systems. As far as convio I would not ever directly import the data coming out of the sync and IOM has been a godsend, but I still need the connector to tell me who changed their address since the last time I synced, who made a gift, etc. I also need the data sync to populate Convio with important data from RE that is used by the comunications team to segment and target emails.
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