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Importing - Updating Educational Information

I just attempted to import/update existing constituents educational information - even though it walked me through all of the address updates (update following, add as is, etc.) it ended up importing NONE of it.  I received as many exceptions on the exception report as I was attempting to update/import.

These constituents exist but I want to add middle names where appropriate, add birth dates where none exist, change title 1, suffix 2, update salutations to reflect the degree, add maiden name, add educational information, update addresses, add phone numbers and email addresses, remove existing "Student" constituency codes and add "Alumni" codes. 

In the exception report it states -

Line 1: Required Field Missing: School ID [Object: 'CEducation2', PK: '-1', Import ID: ' ', Desc: ' ', Field: School id', value: ' ']

Does that tell you what I did - or didn't do?  I did create a school id (or at least I think I did) - mapping as follows. 

Record Type - Education Relationship
Value Type - School ID
# - 1

Should I use the constituent id for each of the schools instead of the name? 

Can I remove the Student Constituency code AND place in the Alumni one?

Thanks for any/all help - much appreciated.


These kinds of exception report codes can be emailed to They can decypher it for you and may need more info on your setup.
Hi Sue,
Like Melissa mentioned, you are always welcome to send error reports to our support team to help you out!

This particular error is saying that your School ID - which is the School Name (Raiser's Edge refers to it as both) - doesn't EXACTLY match.
Try double checking your incoming data in that column of data versus what already exists in your Raiser's Edge. 

If you data is consistently abbreviated (like UCLA or UC Berkeley) or spelled incorrectly (like UC Berkely), try adding a dictionary to translate either of these data inconsistencies so you are not doing unnecessary data clean up.  

Again, feel free to reach out to our support team for any assistance!
Have a great rest of your week!
Stephanie Johnson
O-matic Support

Thanks so much for the help Melissa and Stephanie. I got it to 'partial' work - it was the version of the school name i had wrong - I was using the long description and it was the short description. It accepted the educational information - address info - birth dates - but it didn't import/update the title 1 and suffix 2 and update the middle names.

The part I was really hoping to learn is the "Remove" and put what is to be removed in " ". Tried that to no success. It added the new constituency code "Alumni" but didn't remove the "Student".

Thanks again for the help.

Why are you removing student constituent code? Co you not keep the dates they were a student (from and to )and then add alumni above that wth the from date when they became alumni? This is the intended use for the Constituent code and not using that functionality limits you from all kinds of historical reporting.
Oh and titles have to already be in your list of accepted titles unless you have the option to add new table entries turned on. I can't help you on middle names.
Sharifa - that's EXACTLY what I wanted to know on how to remove them - I'll try that out on the next alumni import I try. Thank you SOOO much.

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