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Multiply to identify which payments where?

My organization, like many, have multriple campaigns. Some donors have pledges in multiple campaigns.  In Raiser'e Edge, the pledge has an import ID number which is unique it and ties it to any payment made.  Has anyone found a solution to make sure the donors payments is going directly to that pledge in O-Matic if there are multiple campaigns active.  A good example is a donor has a pledge to an annual appeal and also a capital campaign appeal.  The donors sends in their remit slip to a lockbox and the lockbox keys in the gift information.  If it is all identified by Raiser's Edge, Campaign, Fund, and Appeal codes, how do we make sure it is going to the proper pledge?

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One way to ensure the gifts get applied to the correct pledge is to import the gifts into a Batch.  In Batch, on the "Commit Gift Batch" screen, you will select the option to "Automatically apply gifts to pledges and recurring gifts".  You will also need to select the "Only apply gifts to pledges and recurring gifts with the same fund(s)".  This will ensure that the outstanding gifts are applied to the Fund that matches the Fund on the original pledge.  



If you do not select the "Only apply gifts to pledges and recurring gifts with the same fund(s)" option, the payment will be applied to the oldest living pledge on the record.  The same thing will happen if the donor has more that one outstanding pledge to a particular Campaign or Fund.
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