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Business Addresses

I have several records which have a business address in preferred address field of an individual. I would like to import these back in as an Organization Relationship address. However, I would also like to remove that address as a preferred address and leave it blank. Is there a way to 'remove' or 'empty' the preferred address as I would like to have the address only in the organization record and not have it marked preferred.
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Hi Melissa,

Import-O-Matic can definitely help your to import the business address back to the organization relationships. I would recommend exporting the onstituent ID, business address, address import ID for that address and the organization relationship name from Raiser's Edge. Then, you will map those fields to the Org Relationships Address fields in Import-O-Matic where appropriate. That will add the relationship address to the Org Relationship record.

The more difficult part is removing the business address as the preferred address. Raiser's Edge requires that there is a preferred address on each record. Also, Raiser's Edge does not have an address query type. So, isolating specific addresses for a global delete can be difficult. My recommendation would be to contact Blackbaud for assistance with globally deleting the preferred address. They may have a utility that can help with that. I did find an article on globally deleting alternate address types that might be helpful.

Please contact our support team if you need any assistance with importing the Organization Relationship Addresses.



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