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Email Addreeses -Update or Not


Our concern is that when we import a file (Advocacy Actions) that the users  have typos in their email addresses.  Right now any decisions about emails must be made at the import profile level.  We are wondering if it possible to make it on a per record basis such as what is done for bio and address data.

Is anyone else seeing the issue of needing to make decision on a per record basis about email addresses?

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Hi Seth,

I do not recall ever hearing this request before. I'm not sure how one would recognize/know for sure if the user has a typo or not in their email address (is a typo, or is that the only name he could get that was close to his real one?). If you thought you could spot typos pretty well, I guess I would recommend scanning the import file in Excel before importing. There are RegEx formulas for validating email addresses, so I guess you might be able to apply one of those to the email address column to get rid of emails that are obviously not valid (like missing an "@", etc). 

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