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Address Abbreviation

Does anyone have a complete address abbreviation dictionary that they are willing to share?

I have found pieces on the forums but nothing complete.  I would like to go from Street -> St.

It would be great to have a repository of common use dictionaries like that so that they are easily accessible.  Maybe even ship with IOM?

For example:

Title and suffix abbreviations

Zip Code & Phone Number format

Country Codes

State Abbriviations

I have found it pretty difficult to search for this kind of stuff in the forums.  I was searching for Dictionary Address Abbreviations and I really only came up with a mess.  Anyone have tips for searching for that stuff?

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I do not - but the post office does...

go to the street suffixes tab
What version of Regular Expressions does IOM use?  Is there a good reference out there?

Regular expressions aren't version specific, but are platform specific. Generally they are all very similar with some small syntax changes. We use regular expressions in .NET. Here is the reference I use when coming up with a regular expression.
Perfect, thanks

Also, I found this which is mostly an answer to my original question

To close the loop on this whole thing...

I made a Virtual Column in the API to clean up my addresses.  The problem that I was coming across is that dictionaries are only run once, and you can only run one on each column.  For addresses I wanted to clean up multiple parts (street suffix/PO Box, Secondary Unit, and Punctuation)

So I made a virtual column with the following code and I applied it to my Address1 & Address2 columns

Dim sReturn As String = ""
sReturn = oField.Value
sReturn = Import.ApplyDictionary("AddressAbbreviations1",sReturn)
sReturn = Import.ApplyDictionary("AddressAbbreviations2",sReturn)
sReturn = Import.ApplyDictionary("AddressPunkCleanup",sReturn)
Return sReturn

Basically what this does is run three different dictionaries on the fields.

  1. 1) Set street abbreviations (Street -> St)
  2. 2) Set secondary abbreviations (Apartment -> Apt)
  3. 3) Remove any punctuation

I have attached the three dictionaries as well.




Please let me know if there is a better way to do this!


Provided your dictionaries don't overlap in values, you can combine all of them into one. When we process dictionaries, we process every entry. For example: "123 N Sesame St." could have a single dictionary that handled changing "N" to "North" and "St." to "Street". As an additional note, dictionary entries are processed in the order they are added.
Be careful with changing St. to Street. you could have a St. Peters Ave. and you would wind up with Street Peters Ave. Been there, done that.
I see, it looks I only tested that without Regex activated.

It works as you say (trying each entry in the dictionary in order) when regex is checked so I can consolidate all of this into one!

I am going from Street -> St so I don't have to worry about the Saint abbreviation but I appreciate the heads up.

St. Paul St. should work just fine with this regex:   

(?i)(?<= )(st\.$|st$|st.(?=,)|st(?=,))


Here's a screenshot of it in action....


Exactly but you have to do this using a regex - a simple find and replace Dictionary item would be problematic causing Street Paul Street, correct?
Posted By Wayne Pozzar on 11 Oct 2012 09:50 AM
Perfect, thanks

Also, I found this which is mostly an answer to my original question

Hi Wayne, today I updated the Address Abbreviation dictionaries. If you would like give it a try and let me know if it will work for you that would be great!



Yes, I found that, thank you!

I'll test it soon

Here is a copy of the most up to date address dictionary


Can we import the excel to the dictionary?  If so is there something referencing the steps?

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