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Is it possible to print a IOM configuration profile?

I would like to print an import profile so I can see all the fields and their mapping in one view.  Is this possible?

Hi Nancy,

In the configuration>profiles tab, highlight the profile but do not open it. Right click and choose "export profile to the desktop". It will be in XML and not formatted like you are used to seeing, but it will contain the entire profile.
This must not work when Raisers Edge is in a hosted environment. If it did work, I don't know where it sent the file.
Hi, Nancy,

No, it does not currently work in the hosting environment. We are working to see if we can give hosted clients an option to save it locally, though, for a future release.
Hi Nancy,

Currently it saves directly to the desktop, and the hosted environment... well, that's kind of a black hole. We've actually already got it on our "to do" list to have the export function ask the user where the file should be saved. I do not know if this will be part of an incremental release or rolled into the next major release (1.9.2) sometime this fall, but I will push for the former. Thanks for reminding us that this is important!

How does one import the exported file?
Hi David,

You can import an exported profile. Go to Import-O-Matic --> Profile Tab. Click Ctrl and Right click and a floating menu will appear. Import a New Profile from XML is one of the options in the menu. Browse out to the file and select it. the Profile will appear at the bottom of the list and will have a description of Imported Profile. Please let us know if you have any additional questions.


Thanks.  I remember reading from patch notes that there was a trick related to this.
@Nancy - the new version we just released has the ability to select the location to save your exported profiles. Hosting clients that have requested auto-updates should be updated in the next two weeks.

@David - the trick is holding down the
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