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Adding a New Attribute


This is my first post on this forum so apologies if my question has been posed and answered before.

Basically I would like to know whether it's possible to import a new attribute onto a constituent's record, through IOM, irrespective of whether they've got an attribute of that same category on their record already? We have an attribute category of Mailing Exclusions which a constituent can have more than one of on their record but when I try to import a new attribute of that category it just overwrites any current one.

I can get IOM to import the attribute when there isn't already one of that type on the record but I can't seem to make it differentiate between any current attribute and the new one I want to import.

Any insight would be extremely helpful!



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In your configuration settings - under Constituents - what setting do you have in the middle box "when new attribute values are supplied for existing attributes:" - if you have selected Update existing - it is doing what you asked. You would need to select Add new attribute if you wanted it to add it.

Good luck - hopefully this helps.
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