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Nickname Search

Although the Find-O-Matic user guide indicates that you can search for individuals using the nickname field, I found this to not be the case.  Is there a special setting that perhaps I've not checked that will do this?

My example is this (in case it's situational):

Looking for a person named Ben Johnson.  His real name is Karl Benjamin Johnson and his nickname is Ben.  Our database has a Benjamin Johnson (different person) and when I type 'Ben Johnson' in Find-O-Matic the Benjamin Johnson is the only person that shows up (oddly, his nickname field is blank).

How can I tell what version I am on? Nicknames do not seem to work on mine but I think I installed mine after you posted this.
Oh wait - I am on 1.0.8 and the one nickname I am testing is not working.
Oh I see - the nickname works but not WITH the last name. That is not very helpful. There are a lot of Judy's in my database but if someone is searching for a particular Judy they can't.
Just wondering if this was ever resolved. I am running into the same issue.
I agree, this would be a very helpful feature as well. We're having difficulty locating individuals due to it.
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