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Using an RE Query


I know that you can open an RE query and use the results for testing your import file but I was just wondering if you can use a query INSTEAD of an import file?  

In other words, I'd like to open a query and do some stuff to the constituent record through API code but I would not have an Excel import file.

Is this possible?


Lisa Folger

You have access to the RE API in IOM. Theoretically you can use the REAPI for opening an RE query and iterating through the results, and doing whatever you need to each record. Trouble is, I only know you can launch that code if you are importing something, even a file with one record in as a dummy.
Once the Code is launched, you can run what you have to in this event. Assuming the REAPI is already initiated by that point.
Otherwsie I am sure there are other events to use, and a real Constituent ID in the file can at least trigger the REAPI.

Public Overrides Sub BeforeImport(ByVal Cancel As ImportOM.API.iCancel)
'Import has not been started yet
End Sub

If you have the RE VBA module or RE API, you can link to a query in code without IOM.
Thank you Hope. We don't have RE VBA or RE API so we'd have to do it in IOM. I'll search this forum. I think I saw some code somewhere that explained how you call the query through API.

This post has a lot of info about running a query in the IOM API

Thanks Wayne.
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