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EventOmatic version 1.1.5 - lots of new time-saving features!

Omatic Software is proud to announce a new release of EventOmatic, the flexible and powerful participant management module for Blackbaud's Raiser's Edge 7 Events module. We have packed A LOT of great new functionality and features into this new release, including:

  • bulk email selected participants with richly-formatted email templates and mail-merge field capability
  • add selected participants in bulk to a query
  • customize the event statistics dashboard using queries
  • filter the viewing list quickly using participant queries
  • nicely-formatted seating and guest list reports
  • add selected participant to a seating group with the click of a mouse
  • invitees no longer count against your licensed participant counts
Please review the revision history below for a list of all the additions and updates. The update can be downloaded from our EventOmatic updates forum (be sure to update all workstations that have Event-O-Matic installed). Please let us know what you think of the updates here in our EventOmatic forum, we look forward to hearing from you!

Version 1.1 revision history:
- Added "Add participants to query" option
- Added custom filter option using a query; queries are pulled from the "EventOM Filters" query category which will be created if it doesn't exist
- Added custom summary fields (also added to export option)
- Added "Assign to Group" option
- Added "Nickname" column
- Added “showing x of n participants” where x is the number shown as a result of filtering and n is the total number
- Added ability to add sponsor
- Added ability to add sponsoring pledge to a sporting event participant
- Added ability to apply default set when adding guest
- Added ability to select entry in a dropdown list using Tab
- Added ability to set blank response value
- Added automatic data save when changing filters while a row is in edit mode
- Added automatic data save when sorting while a row is in edit mode
- Added automatic filter removal if the list is filtered on a column and that column is removed
- Added blocking of 'total giving' info for users without permission to view gifts
- Added convert guest to registrant option
- Added default value of 1 to "Num Name Tags" column when "Print Name Tags" is selected
- Added display of Suffix1 value to name column
- Added email functionality that includes multiple From and To profiles, email templates
- Added F3 (for today's date) functionality to date fields
- Added option to select organization or individual placeholder guests
- Added Seating reports and RSVP report
- Changed display of seating groups list to be alphabetical
- Disabled seating wizard and seating group for participants marked ‘Do not seat’
- Fixed issue with filter name text box not displaying properly when clicking on the scroll bar
- For licensing checks, participant records with data in the following fields only are no longer counted: Invite, Invite date, Response, Response date, Do not seat, or with Registration values of Not Registered or Do Not Register.
- Fixed issue of sorting by a drop down column and then refreshing the grid caused an error
- Fixed issue of Name Tag and Place Card columns not displaying correctly when editing.
- Fixed issue when sorting by Group column while right click menu is opened
- Fixed issue of two or more spaces in a row appearing as when previewing emails
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