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Adding a package on the fly

Hello again,

I am trying to work out how to add a new package to an appeal if the imported one does not exist.

In the virtual column to set the package I am checking to see if it exists, and if it doesn't, creating it.  It get the error: Line 1: Invalid Package:  Package Id [Object: 'CGiftSplit', PK: '-1', Import ID: '', Field: 'Package Id', Value: 'Email'] -->BBREAPI.CGiftClass.Save()

I think it has something to do with the timing of when the record is saved and when the package is checked for validity.  What order should I be running this in to create the new package before the package is checked?

Assuming that sReturn contains the new package name here is my code (the MsgBoxes all go off correctly so I assume this works...):

Dim oAppeal As New CAppealClass
Dim oPackage As CPackage
Dim bFound As Boolean = False

oAppeal.LoadByField(EAPPEALFields.Appeal_fld_Appeal_ID, Import.Fields.GetByName("Appeal").Value)
MsgBox("Loaded: " & oAppeal.Fields(EAPPEALFields.Appeal_fld_Appeal_ID))
For Each oPackage In oAppeal.Packages
  If oPackage.Fields(EPackageFields.Package_fld_ID) = sReturn
    bFound = True
    Exit For
  End If
If Not bFound Then
  MsgBox("Not Found")
  Dim oNewPack As CPackage
  oNewPack = oAppeal.Packages.Add
  oNewPack.Fields(EPackageFields.Package_fld_ID) = sReturn
  oNewPack.Fields(EPackageFields.Package_fld_DESCRIPTION) = sReturn & " - Auto Created"
  MsgBox("Added: " & oNewPack.Fields(EPackageFields.Package_fld_ID) & " Pack: " & oNewPack.Fields(EPackageFields.Package_fld_DESCRIPTION))
End If

Woop, it worked!

I actually did oAppeal.Save() just FYI to anyone looking at this in the future.

Additionally, you are attempting to set the ID of the package. This is actually the primary key ID in the database. What you actually want to set is the Blackbaud.PIA.RE7.BBREAPI.EPackageFields.Package_fld_Package_ID

Looks like you are simply missing the call to save on your package. oNewPack.Save()
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