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Column Seed in Code Tester

I have noticed that the column index listed in the code tester for the seed of a function is one higher than what it actually uses.  See attached Image.


There is a more sinister consequence of (maybe?) the same bug.  When you choose a function and add a seed column, then remove the seed column (by selecting the blank entry in the drop down) the code tester still shows seed A and causes a crash when the code is run.  I haven't been able to remove the seed = A without removing the whole column.  Removing the function and reassigning it brings back the seed = A problem.



Judging by your last screenshot, it looks like you are running an old version. The issue in this most recent post should be resolved in the newest version. The problem in your original post has been noted and will be addressed in the next release.

Installed the new version (nice job sneaking that in!) and it solved problem #2 as stated.

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